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EngineeringJune 22, 2022

Practical Guide to Custom Jest Matchers

Custom matchers help you to encapsulate repetitive assertions. This guide will teach you how to create custom matchers in Jest—both symmetrical and asymmetrical—with rich TypeScript support.

Artem Zakharchenko

Artem Zakharchenko

Software engineer·
EducationJune 13, 2022

The Dark Side of Open Source

Contributing to open source may become one of the greatest things in your engineering journey. Or it may not. In this piece, I'm going into detail about the challenges and struggles of open source maintainers so you are aware of them before you become one.

EducationAugust 23, 2021

Why I wouldn't want to have an engineering degree

Coming from a non-technical background is challenging. Yet I wouldn't want to have studied software engineering regardless because it would've taken one little but incredibly important thing from me.

EngineeringJune 6, 2021

Writing a custom webpack loader

Excel your webpack knowledge by learning how to write a custom webpack loader that turns an MP3 file import into an interactive audio player.

EducationSeptember 4, 2020

How to ask questions?

Have you ever heard the phrase "asking the right question"? Have you ever wondered what makes a question right? I'd like to share my take on whether you should ask questions at all, and how to advance in the great art of asking.

EducationJuly 10, 2020

The Plague of Linters

Have you ever felt like linting blocks you? Like there's that annoying rule that you always forget to comply with? Learn the most common mistakes people make when setting up linters, and how to think about the linter in a different way.

EngineeringMay 11, 2020

Efficient CircleCI debugging with SSH

Stop wasting hours on debugging failed CI jobs, when you can go to the very remote machine that run your tests, open its state, and solve the issue spot-on.

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